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'The Middle' Season 6, Episode 22, Recap: 'While You Were Sleeping'

The Middle

Marriage proposals in high school are weird because they go so against the typical young adult narrative in American culture. Sue has managed to avoid most of that weirdness by making a clean break ever since turning down Darrin’s offer. But there was a version of her narrative in which he would be by her side for prom, graduation, heading off to college, etc. As some of these milestones have to be planned well in advance, it was inevitable that he would bleed into her post-Darrin narrative. The delivery of her prom dress could have played as a cosmic joke, but this is not the same Sue that the universe has relentlessly crapped on.

When a shirtless Abercrombie greeter showed up for his regular Spudsy’s order, it was pretty obvious that he was there for Sue. That six-pack would not be easy to maintain with all those carbs he was packing away. Perhaps Logan just thinks food court potatoes are a delicacy, or maybe he loves the challenge of burning off as many calories as possible. But the simplest explanation is often the correct one, so when someone keeps eating at a place that is not all that appetizing, he is doing so because he likes the person who works there.

Sue could not see this, because she has been conditioned to believe that whenever anyone does anything for her, they are doing it to be nice and not because they really want to. Logan could have been more explicit about his motivation, but, having not known Sue for that long, he did not see the need to be. Their love story was quite a storytelling accomplishment, conveying plenty in the span of just one episode. Their slow dance in front of the Spudsy’s counter managed to feel like the sort of romantic moment that the audience has been demanding for so long.

This could have ended so much more disastrously for Sue. With nobody available to cover her shift and the cheese machine going haywire, it seemed like it was in fact heading in that direction. It would have been the type of disaster that Sue has faced and survived plenty of times before. But considering how close she was to actually making it to prom, it would have been too cruel to end it that way. It ended differently because Sue is different. She is not the dorky invisible girl anymore. Well, she is still a dork, but now she is very noticeable. Losing the braces had something to do with that, but it is more about confidence and experience. The “we’ll have our own prom” angle is a bit of an overdone trope at this point, but it was appropriate for illustrating this new Sue.
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