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Survivor : Worlds Apart – Shirin’s Out – Now The Cannibalizing Begins

Shirin’s Out

Previously on, Survivor:  Mike knew he was in trouble, and tried to buy an advantage at the auction. But Dan was the lucky one, winning a second vote at Tribal Council. Back at camp, Mike had no intention of going down without a fight. With the Hidden Immunity Idol already in his pocket, Mike won Individual Immunity. Facing Tribal Council, Mike tried to warn Dan and Sierra about being on the bottom, while Will made things personal with Shirin.

At Tribal Council, Shirin opened up about her past with a father who would verbally assault her. But it was Jenn that became the 10th person voted out of the tribe.

Eight are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

“When Mike blew up, he lost everybody’s trust,” says Dan.  Dan interviews that it may look like he’s playing a passive game, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have schemes brewing. He dismisses Mike’s warnings that he and Sierra are on the bottom of the new alliance.

Shirin tells Dan that Will’s outburst against her was verbal assault. She wonders if he’s really  that dumb, or that cruel. Dan interviews that he feels very sorry for Shirin’s personal history, but he thinks she’s a drama queen, a two faced liar, who loves to play the victim, and that to say that Will is worse than her is hypocritical. (Dan is thus blaming the victim for being the victim, once again showing his own hypocrisy and misogyny.)

Jeff Probst calls the tribe in for the day’s Reward Challenge. They’ll be divided into two teams of four. Using four barrels, two planks, and a piece of rope, they’ll transport all team members from one end of the field to the other. If somebody falls off, or if a plank touches the ground, they’ll have to go back to the start of the section they’re in. The first four to get to the other side, wins Reward, a sail along the Nicaraguan coast on a catamaran while dining on burgers and pie. Survivors ready?

The Blue team of Mike, Sierra, Shirin and Rodney goes with the barrels on their sides, while the Red team of Tyler, Dan, Carolyn and Will work with upright barrels. The Blue team takes an early lead, but the

Red team work slowly to the finish – and win Reward!

Dan tells Jeff he’s feeling bad that the other team won’t enjoy burgers, especially Rodney’s who’s not been on any Rewards so far. But when Jeff says that Dan can switch places with Rodney, Dan says nothing.

Carolyn interviews that loose cannon Dan could easily be swayed back to Mike’s side, so she’s happy that their reward will be an opportunity to cement him more firmly to their alliance.

Back at camp, Mike prepares their last chicken for dinner. Rodney is frustrated at their loss, and just fed up of not having enough food, or of feeling clean. He’s miserable and needs some “Rodney Time.” Meanwhile, Sierra tells Rodney that Tyler will likely win the whole game; assuming he keeps winning Immunities, everyone on the jury will vote for him, as the best player. Rodney says he’s aware of the threat, but planned on getting Tyler out after Shirin.

Sierra’s plan is to take Rodney and Shirin to the end; no one would vote for Shirin. Rodney interviews that he’s not worried about Tyler. The others may not realize it, but it is he himself who is the biggest threat, he that is running the show. He’s concentrating on getting rid of Mike and Shirin … when they’re down to the Final Six he’ll work his magic.

Four of that six are enjoying a ride on a beautiful blue sea. Dan is revelling in the company of his alliance, blissfully unaware that he’s actually on the outside of the alliance. When Dan tells the others that Mike is delusional for believing they were plotting to get him out of the game, Tyler, Will and Carolyn look at each and smile. The group was after him, Dan just didn’t know. “I love the fact that Dan cannot see past top six,” says Tyler.

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