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5-Year-Old's (Adorable) 911 Call Saves Mom's Life

Aydhun Byars, who is 5, said he didn’t know his address or what his mom was doing, but he needed help. KMGH


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Aydhun Byars may be only five years old, but he saved his mom’s life this week.

Aydhun, who has a medical condition that affects his hands, dialed 911 when his mom went into diabetic shock on Monday, according to KMGH, ABC’s Denver affiliate.

Although he didn’t know his address, he eventually got the help his mom needed.

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“I don’t know what mom is doing, but I need someone’s help,” he told the 911 operator, who tried to help him figure out his address for several minutes. “I don’t know what apartment we live in, and I’m not tall enough to reach the doorknob.”

KMGHPHOTO: Dialing a phone for Aydhun is hard because he has a medical condition.

Help eventually arrived, and Aydhun’s mom, Tarah Gunderlock, was unresponsive, according to the call. She has type I diabetes, meaning her pancreas produces little or no insulin, the hormone that breaks down sugars and allows them to enter cells for energy. And she’d gone into diabetic shock, according to KMGH.

The Aurora Fire Department told ABC News that it provided care at Gunderlock’s home and did not need to transport her to a hospital.

KMGHPHOTO: Aydhun Byars, 5, called 911 when his mom went into diabetic shock.

Gunderlock told the station this week that her little boy was a superhero, and he’d told her that his superpower was love.

“I was a little scared but I was a lot calm,” Aydhun told KMGH. “I just didn’t know what to do.”

KMGHPHOTO: Aydhun Byars, 5, called 911 when his mom went into diabetic shock.

Source: ABC News Health

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